IMPACT Ambassadors are a diverse group of leaders who are passionate about their beliefs and are committed to bridging the gap between educators.


Our vision is a highly effective professional learning network of IMPACT Arkansas Fellows who foster, support, and sustain IMPACTful leadership in Arkansas educational systems.


Our mission is to create a collaborative, lasting relationship between IMPACT Arkansas Ambassadors and IMPACT Alumni and Fellows; to provide a professional learning network for sharing educational knowledge and research; to develop meaningful research-based professional development opportunities; and to provide an ongoing system for individualized support and life-long learning.


Chelsea Collins, Cohort 4
Ringgold Elementary School Benton School District
Instructional Facilitator


To achieve this mission, the IMPACT Arkansas Ambassadors adopt the following goals:

  1. Establish a series of regularly occurring meetings for the Executive Board and serving Ambassadors.
  2. Schedule regularly occurring meetings providing a Professional Learning Network for IMPACT alumni.
  3. Provide for the sharing of research, methods, and innovation through conferences and online media.
  4. Use technology and social media to share pertinent conference proceedings and meetings to IMPACT Alumni, Fellows and educational entities.
  5. Use technology and social media to promote the vision and mission of the IMPACT Arkansas program and share success stories of IMPACT Alumni with the public.
  6. Use technology and social media to help recruit IMPACT Fellows should the opportunity arise.